China Beidou’s Road To Independent Innovation

At the 10th China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference held recently, Qi Chengqiu ran out of the transcripts of Beidou in the past 10 years, the most notable of which was the independent innovation part: the key technologies such as domestic Beidou chips and modules have been comprehensively broken. The performance indicators are comparable to those of similar international products. It is difficult to see the Beidou exhibits at the annual meeting 10 years ago. Now Beidou chips and terminals are everywhere. And these are the premise that the country’s heavyweights are going global, and the “straight waist” and other national satellite navigation systems work together.

As Beijing Mayor Chen Jining mentioned in his speech at the opening ceremony of the annual meeting, reviewing the development of the Beidou system in the past 10 years is not only a process of independent innovation, but also an open integration process. The mayor of this scholar said that from the beginning of R&D, “Beidou” has been adhering to the principle of firmly grasping the “lifeline” in its own hands, independent innovation, tackling difficulties, and embarked on a Chinese characteristic with independence. The road to the development of satellite navigation systems.

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