China Beidou ’s Last Satellite Launched Next Month

After the efforts of many scientific researchers around the clock, the launch of the Beidou-3 satellite did not suffer the impact of the epidemic, but entered the final scientific research stage according to the normal plan. This satellite is 6 months ahead of the launch time expected by scientists, which means that if all the data is running normally, it will complete the launch next month and complete the global network. This speed is really much faster than expected, we have to give a compliment to the speed of China!

The Beidou navigation satellite we refer to here refers to the 55th Beidou navigation satellite, which is also the last satellite that constitutes the Beidou-3 satellite system, so this satellite occupies a vital position in the Beidou navigation system. Last week, the satellite was transported to the Xichang Launch Center, waiting for launch. If successful, its liftoff will be the finale of the Beidou Global Constellation Network. According to the plan of scientific research workers, the satellite will be officially launched in May. In the next period of time, it will undergo various inspections, reviews and other final inspections at the Xichang Satellite Launch Base to ensure that the operation of each system is foolproof.

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