China Astronaut Center Is Fully Prepared For The Space Station Mission

Since the beginning of this year, the China Astronaut Center has chanted the slogan “Forge ahead in a new era, build a dream space station” and make every effort to prepare for the approaching space station mission.

According to the plan, my country will build a space station around 2022. The creation of a recyclable life support system similar to the earth’s environment and stable operation in a confined and small space station cabin is the bottleneck and key technology for the long-term operation of the space station in orbit.

“Environmental control and life support technology is going from non-regeneration to regeneration. There is no precedent in China to follow.” Bian Qiang, director of the Central Environmental Control and Life Insurance Office, said that they have never had a complete weekend since they started technical research and product development in 2011. Finally, the integrated performance test of environmental control and life support of the space station assembly has been completed.

In future space station missions, the astronauts will take a long time to exit the cabin and have many operating procedures, which will place higher requirements on the extravehicular spacesuit. At 21:58 on September 11, the hall of the center’s extravehicular spacesuit test module was brightly lit. After 17 hours, the two volunteers experienced the actual pressure relief process during the exit mission from the outboard spacesuit test module that simulated the vacuum environment in orbit, and successfully completed the exit activity.


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