China Already Has Beidou Navigation, Why Are We Still Using GPS, The Answer Is Surprising

China’s beidou system is now regarded as a very mature navigation system. Its positioning is very accurate and the speed of obtaining positioning is very fast. It is similar to the basic functions of GPS and can be normally used in the whole Asia.According to the development trend of beidou system in China, it is estimated that the navigation accuracy of beidou system will be improved by another level in a few years.So why isn’t such a powerful navigation system used in mobile phones?


There are two reasons, the first reason is that many mobile phone brands on the market in China for less publicity of beidou system, customers are buying mobile phones does not know his own use of beidou system, as now many domestic handset beidou navigation system has been installed, but they come when open the navigation logo or GPS, so will let users think they still use the GPS system.

The second reason is that the GPS is widely used in our life, the masses through long-term use has been accustomed to using GPS, if all of a sudden going public is used to a new system in a short period of time may not be used, the GPS in the global utilization rate is very high, almost every country in the use of, so everybody if you want to transfer in life to use beidou system may also need a certain amount of time.

In fact, Chinese people’s low acceptance of beidou system is actually understandable, because people still have some doubts about the navigation ability of beidou system, and the function of GPS is enough for daily life, so it still needs a process for the public to accept beidou system. According to the future development plan of beidou system, it will develop in the areas lacking in GPS system, such as improving accuracy and processing data more quickly. It is expected that beidou system will reach a relatively mature level in 2020, and the public will be more accepting of beidou system at that time.

Along with our country the development of local brands homebred mobile phone is getting better and better now, more and more popular, beidou system should be in the near future will be a wide range of devices used in their mobile phone brand in China, with the domestic mobile phone hardware match to use, should be able to more targeted application service in People’s Daily life.

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