Change No. 4 Lander And ‘Yu Rabbit No. 2’ Patrol Enters The Seventh Night Of The Night

BEIJING, July 9th According to the official Weibo news of China’s lunar exploration project, the No. 4 lander and the “Yutuo No. 2” patrol completed the seventh month of work and ushered in the moonlight again. At 9 o’clock on July 9th, the No. 4 lander completed the moon-night mode according to the ground command and entered the moon-night sleep. Subsequently, the “Yu Rabbit No. 2” patrol entered “Dream” at 9:10 on July 9.

In the seventh month, the lunar neutrons and radiation dose detectors and low-frequency radio spectrometers on the No. 4 lander were started as scheduled, and scientific exploration missions continued. During this period, the “Yutu No.2” patrol vehicle continued to move according to the established route, and related detection work was carried out at multiple detection points. Infrared spectrometers, panoramic cameras, neutral atomic detectors, and moon-receiving radars obtained a large amount of scientific detection data.

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