Changan Sets Guinness Record

CHANGAN Automobile recently won a Guinness World Records title as the largest parade of autonomous cars at the Dianjiang testing ground, Chongqing, China. A fleet of 55 Changan autonomous cars (new CS55) successfully set the new record. Whether it is the huge scale of the self-driving car fleet that participated in the challenge, or the lane that is 12 percent narrower than the standard lane, all of the conditions put extremely high demands on the stability of the autopilot technology.

“This challenge is another breakthrough in Changan Automobile’s ‘Beidou Tianshu’ intelligent strategy and represents a new achievement for Chinese brands in the “smart” creation of automobiles, and it also represents China’s new height in the intelligentization of automobiles.” Changan not only set a new world record but also demonstrated a number of industry-leading intelligent technologies and new energy technologies, including autonomous driving. Among them, the L4-class automatic car is the first commercial-oriented L4-level auto-driving commercial application in China.

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