Chang’e 4 Patrol Enters The Seventh Month Of Work

According to the official Weibo news of China’s lunar exploration project, at 13:26 on June 26, 2019, Chang’e 4 patrol completed the wake-up setting and entered the working mode of the seventh month. During the month of the month, the patrol will continue to move according to the planned route. The payloads such as infrared spectrometer, panoramic camera, neutral atom detector and moon-receiving radar will carry out scientific exploration of the lunar topography, material composition and surrounding environment. jobs.

The Chang’e 4 lander completed its own wake-up at 9:45 on June 27, the ground setting was normal, and the load data was received normally. After entering the work in the seventh month, the scientific loads such as the lunar neutrons and radiation dose detectors and low-frequency radio spectrum analyzers carried by the lander will be started up as planned, and the scientific detection of neutron radiation dose on the back of the moon and low-frequency radio astronomical observation will be carried out. jobs.

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