Can Be On The UAV In Situ Landing Or Return To The Starting Point Of The Functional Control, To Ensure Low-altitude Airspace Security

UAV hear more, but anti-man-machine market has just begun. At present, a unit organized a “anti-man-machine system” entry, many companies flashed their own housekeeping skills. Most of the anti-man-machine products are the principle of the system through the launch of high-power electromagnetic waves, the flight of the UAV control, remote cut off the connection between the UAV and the controller, through the UAV interception system host, Can be on the UAV in situ landing or return to the starting point of the functional control, security areas within the low-altitude airspace security.

Reporters in the game when watching the anti-man-machine system, the appearance of a gun like a gun. The person in charge of the project told reporters that this is actually a collection of hardware and software. This product is imitation light weapons shape design, single-handed to complete the operation. Can be deployed at any time to the relevant area, no need to prepare in advance. In addition, the system can detect within 1.5 km of unmanned aerial vehicles, tracking identification, interference and stop, for the no-fly zone effective passive UAV defense, the black fly UAV for effective evidence, interference And will not harm the safety of nearby personal and property.

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