By 2025, China Will Have Completed Airborne Flight Level Take-off And Landing Flight Demonstration And Verification

At the press conference of the Commercial Aerospace Summit Forum, Fu Zhimin, chief technologist of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, revealed that the company will vigorously promote the development of the commercial aerospace industry during the 14th five-year Plan period, committed to promoting the realization of the “space dream” of free access to and from space by human beings.

Fu zhimin said that in the carrier rocket industry, the aerospace science and industry will highlight the characteristics of “fast, cheap, efficient and reliable” development of the Kuaizhou rocket series, promote the development of the carrier rocket series, type spectrum.On the basis of the normalization of commercial launch, the launch preparation cycle and mission interval should be further shortened to improve the launching capability of batch launch.We will carry out research on reusable launch vehicles to further reduce launch costs.By 2023, we will double the annual launch volume of kuaizhou rockets, and by 2025, we will bring the solid power technology to the top of the world.

FuZhiMin revealed that in the next five years, in terms of space flight and power industry, aerospace science and industry will be based on a combination of dynamic creating reusable space transportation system engineering, dedicated to the development of environmental protection, efficient, convenient and safe world round-trip transportation service, realizing the flight operations in the future, promote the humanity realizes the freedom “dream space” of the space, support human constantly explore the depths of the universe.”We plan to complete the horizontal take-off and landing flight demonstration by 2025, with engineering application capabilities.


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