Built For Shandong Ship, This 10,000-ton Ship Is More Important Than 055

China now has a variety of large-scale 10,000-ton warships, including 055, but what is different from people’s imagination is that this kind of warship is the core of the aircraft carrier fleet. The aircraft carrier must take it with it every time it goes out. It is the Type 901. A 10,000-ton supply ship. The status of this 10,000-ton ship is no less than that of the 5.55 million-ton drive. It is even more important than the 055 because it is specially built for the Shandong ship and provides supply services for the entire fleet. Without it, the fleet cannot sail. .

Today’s aircraft carriers have a tonnage of 60,000 or more than 80,000 tons, and can carry dozens of carrier-based aircraft to perform tasks. However, although the carrier size is huge, their self-sustainability is very short. In order to carry a sufficient number of fighter aircraft carriers, the internal space is very Most of them are used as hangars to store fighter aircraft. In addition, aircraft carriers also need to carry a large amount of weapons and ammunition and thousands of tons of aviation fuel to be consumed by the aircraft. Conventional-powered aircraft carriers also need to load tens of thousands of their own fuel. Space for consumables such as food is quite limited.

In addition, the carrier fleet consumes a lot of fuel and other consumables during battle. According to data, the fuel tank capacity of the Liaoning ship is 6000 tons. At cruise speed, it can support the Liaoning ship to sail back and forth from China to the United States. The data is only at the speed of 15 knots. In order to ensure the normal operation of the carrier-based aircraft during the battle, the carrier must always maintain a high speed of more than 25 knots. At this time, the fuel of the carrier can only be supported for less than two weeks.

The fuel and ammunition consumption of carrier-based aircraft in high-intensity operations is also quite fast. Taking the US aircraft carrier as an example, in the US aircraft carrier’s high-intensity combat mode, an aircraft carrier needs to dispatch 220 fighters every day and night for three consecutive days. The enemy dropped 2,000 tons of various ammunition for 2,000 targets, and then switched to a continuous combat mode of 180 sorties per day. At this consumption rate, the US aircraft carrier needs to replenish every 3-4 days, and the supply ship itself also It can only insist on returning to the ship within one month, so it can be seen that the supply ship is the most important equipment to ensure that the carrier fleet has sufficient combat capabilities.

However, the supply ships that can support the carrier fleet’s operations are not so easy to build. In addition to the large loading capacity, the special supply ships of the aircraft carrier fleet also need to have a maximum speed comparable to that of the aircraft carriers. It is not an easy task for a 10,000-ton supply ship to have a high speed. At present, only a few countries in the world can develop dedicated carrier supply ships.

At present, the United States, which has the strongest carrier strength, has the largest supply fleet in the world. The Sacramento-class supply ship of the US military has a full-load tonnage of more than 50,000 tons, which can support the daily patrol of an entire carrier fleet for months. Finally, China also built a type 901 integrated supply ship tailored for the carrier fleet, with a tonnage of up to 40,000 tons. It is foreseeable that after more large supply ships are commissioned in the future, the strength of China ’s aircraft carrier fleet will also Come hugely.

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