Build a Team of High-level Scientific and Technological Talents

In 2014, Anhui took the lead in implementing the innovation and entrepreneurship policy of supporting high-level scientific and technological talent teams across the country, attracting high-level scientific and technological talent teams inside and outside the province to lead and establish enterprises in Anhui with advanced scientific and technological achievements. A total of 274 project support teams have been approved, with a provincial financial investment of 1.263 billion yuan and more than 8 billion yuan from cities, counties and society, Drive the team enterprises to invest more than 4.1 billion yuan in R & D. The mode of “talent team + scientific and technological achievements + government participation + equity incentive” established in practice has been listed by the State Council as the second batch of “all innovation and reform” policies promoted nationwide. At present, seven provinces and cities such as Fujian and Henan have come to Anhui to learn from it, which has become a gold lettered signboard for Anhui to carry out “double recruitment and double introduction” and create “three places and one district”.

First, a number of listed and reserve enterprises have been cultivated. Among the supported talent team enterprises, 65 have been or are preparing to be listed (main board and scientific innovation board). Among them, Acer microelectronics successfully landed on the scientific innovation board in 2021 and became the first share of domestic lithography equipment; Hengshuo semiconductor and other two enterprises are in the stage of acceptance and pending review; Four enterprises including general biology entered the counseling filing period; 44 enterprises will start the share reform and filing in the past two years, and another 14 enterprises plan to start the listing process during the 14th Five Year Plan period.

Second, it has gathered a group of high-level scientific and technological talents. The team in Anhui has introduced 1325 doctors, 1764 masters, 822 senior titles and 1062 intermediate titles. Driven by the talent team policy, the province has attracted more than 800 science and technology teams to set up companies and transform achievements in Anhui, forming a “magnetic field effect” for all kinds of talents to gather in Anhui and start businesses in Jianghuai.

Third, it has broken through a number of key core technologies. The team enterprise took the lead in undertaking 39 national and provincial major science and technology projects and key R & D projects, and won 10 first and second prizes of national and provincial science and technology awards; A total of 4786 invention patents have been applied for, 4655 invention patents have been authorized, 214 industrial and national standards have been formulated, 1975 computer software, 376 new products and 52 new varieties have been registered, and 97 domestic and foreign technical gaps have been filled in the fields of new materials, electronic information, biomedicine, equipment manufacturing, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Fourth, a number of industry leading enterprises have been cultivated. 35 team enterprises have fulfilled their performance goals and fulfilled their awards, 190 enterprises have been recognized as high-tech enterprises, a large number of enterprises have become leading enterprises in leading the development of the industry, and 14 enterprises such as Benyuan quantum and Bowei terahertz have been selected into the “top 500 list of China’s invisible unicorns”; 26 enterprises were selected as “specialized, special and new” enterprises in Anhui Province in 2021.

Fifth, it has driven the development of a number of emerging industries. In accordance with the concept of “attracting a team, establishing an enterprise and driving an industry”, support emerging industries to become bigger and stronger. For example, Jin Xiaodong’s team of NORINCO micro systems helped Anhui become an industrial highland in the field of MEMS inertial sensors in China; Fuxiang copper recycling Li Huiquan’s team will shift the recycled copper industry from traditional manufacturing to high-end manufacturing; Xiangbang composite materials Wang Haowei team drives Huaibei aluminum based new material industry from scratch and from existing to excellent; Wang liangen’s team of Anxin electronics has driven Chizhou’s semiconductor industry to start from scratch and develop rapidly, becoming a provincial semiconductor industry agglomeration base.

Sixth, remarkable economic and social benefits have been achieved. In 2021, 274 team enterprises supported by the province achieved an output value of more than 56 billion yuan, an operating income of more than 40 billion yuan and a tax payment of more than 1.4 billion yuan, driving 26732 jobs; It has undertaken 367 science and technology and industrial projects above the municipal level, with a supporting fund of 1.504 billion yuan.

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