Brief Introduction Of MEMS Gyroscope

Traditional mechanical gyroscopes mainly use the principle of conservation of angular momentum, that is, for a rotating object, its axis of rotation does not change with the rotation of the support carrying it.MEMS gyroscopes mainly use the Coriolis force (a tangential force that a rotating object receives when it moves in a radial direction). The disclosed micromachined gyroscopes use the concept of angular velocity of a vibration sensor to induce and detect vibrations. Coriolis force.

The core of a MEMS gyroscope is a micromachined mechanical unit that is designed to resonate in accordance with a tuning fork mechanism and convert the angular velocity to the displacement of a specific sensing structure through the Coriolis force principle. Take a uniaxial displacement (yaw) gyroscope as an example, and discuss the simplest working principle through the use of Tully.

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