Brexit New Trouble: Britain Has To Engage In Satellite Navigation System?

A number of people familiar with the matter said that the UK’s negotiations on the departure from the European Union have not progressed smoothly. One of the controversial issues is the use of the EU Galileo satellite navigation system.

The British media reported on the 26th that the British government is considering the possibility of being restricted by the EU to contact the sensitive information of the Galileo system after the Brexit, and is working on the development of its own satellite navigation system.


Michelle Barnier, chief representative of the European Commission’s “Brexit” negotiations in the United Kingdom, said in May that the British decision to “Brei” automatically gave up the previous full use of the EU Galileo system, only in the capacity of a third-party country. Lower concessions renegotiate how to use this satellite navigation system.

The EU’s position is that after the Brexit, the United Kingdom can continue to use the Galileo system’s public service signals, but it does not have access to sensitive information, and only EU member states have access to sensitive information. As the UK’s “Brexit” negotiations continue, the EU has begun to ban the British side from participating in the sensitive areas of the Galileo system.

The EU’s position was opposed by the British. According to Sam Gima, the UK Secretary of State for Scientific Affairs: “We are helping to build the Galileo system.”

According to the British “Sunday Telegraph” reported on the 26th, if the EU refuses to let the British “Brexit” contact with sensitive information of the Galileo system, the United Kingdom may claim up to 1 billion pounds (about 8.74 billion yuan) to the EU, as the United Kingdom Previously assumed compensation for research and development tasks.

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The Sunday Telegraph reported that British Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has approved a grant of 100 million pounds (about 870 million yuan) for the development of the UK’s own satellite navigation system. The British government is expected to officially announce the decision within the next week.

Experts believe that the United Kingdom is expected to develop a satellite navigation system similar to the Galileo system, which is estimated to cost at least 3 billion pounds (26.2 billion yuan).

When the media reporter asked the British Ministry of Commerce, Energy and Industry Strategy for relevant information, the government department spokesperson did not respond.

The Galileo satellite navigation system is a new generation of civilian global satellite navigation system led by the European Union. It was started in 2003 and is scheduled to be completed in 2020. The total investment is expected to be 10 billion euros (79.06 billion yuan).

The European Union’s Galileo system, together with the United States Global Positioning System (GPS), Russia’s “Glonas” and China’s “Beidou” constitute the world’s four major satellite navigation systems. (Yang Shuyi) (Xinhua News Agency special feature)

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