Beijing Daxing International Airport Enters The Second Phase Of Flight Verification

On January 22nd, a C680 calibration aircraft landed smoothly on the West First Runway of Daxing International Airport, leaving the first aircraft tire mark. On February 24th, a certificate 680 verification aircraft landed smoothly at Beijing Daxing International Airport, and the flight verification of Beijing Daxing International Airport, which lasted 34 days and 112 hours, ended successfully. The calibration includes 4 runways, 7 instrument landing systems, 7 sets of lights, 1 set of omnidirectional beacons and range finder and flight procedures.

On May 13, Beijing Daxing International Airport began real-world verification. The first test flight was the flight of China Southern Airlines’ A380 from Beijing Capital International Airport to Beijing Daxing International Airport. The A380 model has the highest requirements for airport runway length, runway width and pavement strength in all aircraft. The flight marked the shift of the focus of Daxing International Airport from infrastructure to preparation for commissioning.

The second phase flight check, which began on July 28, is also the last flight check of the instrument landing equipment and navigation lights before the official departure of the airport. This school flight carried out a Class III blind drop check, and also two check aircraft operating simultaneously in the limited airspace of an airport.

It is understood that this flight verification work involves many units such as Flight Calibration Center, Daxing Airport Management Center and Huabei Air Traffic Control Bureau. In order to reduce the impact of flight verification on daily flight operations, the Air Traffic Control Center of North China Air Traffic Control Bureau has developed detailed safeguard plans and emergency plans, and deployed air flights to avoid flight conflicts.

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