‘Beidou’shows Its Might! Deep Sea 6000 Meters Instant Lossless Communication

Just recently, the 55th satellite of the “Beidou” system has arrived at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, which is about to complete the final sprint of the global constellation network. , Not only to provide location data services for the Asian region, everyone in the world will benefit.

Of course, there are civilians and naturally military. As the civilians cheer for the completion of the “Beidou” network, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has already made a major breakthrough in the technology of nuclear submarines using the “Beidou” system to carry out communications. During deep-sea submarine voyages, the communication capabilities are greatly enhanced, which in turn increases the combat effectiveness of our military ’s nuclear submarines!

The reason is simple. If the communication of nuclear submarines in the past was still affected by the background noise of the ocean, and it needs to float to the shallow layer to obtain the missile launch command through the military communication satellite, then in the future, “dangerous floating” may no longer be needed and increased. The probability of being discovered, because our army has mastered the deep-sea instant lossless communication technology, which is definitely a big help for the “deep sea ghost” such as nuclear submarines.

Although this technology has been confirmed by our army as early as last year, as the “Beidou” system becomes more and more perfect and the quality of ocean communications around the world continues to improve, in the future, our army will achieve whether it is under the ice of the Arctic Ocean. It is still a lonely place in the South Pacific, which will realize the global coverage of the signal without dead ends.

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