“Beidou+5g” Helps Speed Up the Development of Automatic Driving Industry

After the unmanned distribution vehicles, driverless taxis and unmanned retail vehicles are on the road, the first batch of intelligent Internet connected passenger buses will also start the automatic driving road test on the streets of Yizhuang, Beijing.

To realize automatic driving, the positioning and guidance of navigation system has become an essential factor. In January this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued several opinions on the promotion and application of Beidou in the field of mass consumption (hereinafter referred to as the opinions). The opinion proposes to promote the application of Beidou high-precision positioning technology in the Internet of vehicles in combination with Beidou foundation enhancement system and high-precision map.

At present, intelligent networked vehicles and automatic driving are one of the key points of scientific and technological competition in various countries. What key roles will Beidou play in this field?

An Xudong, director of antenna and positioning Department of Tel terminal Laboratory of China Academy of information and communication, said that in the process of realizing high-level automatic driving application of intelligent networked vehicles, on the one hand, the positioning accuracy needs to reach the centimeter level; On the other hand, in terms of reliability, it is necessary to maintain real-time and stable service capability. If the intelligent networked vehicle only supports a single positioning system, it will face a bottleneck in the research and development of high-level automatic driving applications. The integrated positioning scheme supporting Beidou system will help to improve the accuracy and reliability of navigation and positioning services. Combined with real-time dynamic difference (RTK) and ultra-high precision inertial measurement unit (IMU) and other positioning technologies, it can improve the application of automatic driving in overpasses, tunnels The effectiveness of complex traffic environment such as underground garage and bad weather such as rain, snow and fog.

“Beidou system is a global satellite navigation system independently built and operated by China with a view to national security and economic and social development. It is an important national space-time infrastructure that provides all-weather, all-time and high-precision positioning, navigation and timing services for users all over the world.” Han Yi, a professor at the school of automobile of Chang’an University, said that at the Beijing Winter Olympics, through the combination of Beidou system and 5g communication technology, the L4 level driverless car in Shougang Park realized the functions of autonomous driving, automatic parking, centimeter level high-precision positioning and so on.

In addition to the navigation function, the accurate timing function of the Beidou system has also become an important guarantee for the multi-sensor time synchronization of the auto drive system.

Introduction by Wang Xiao, CTO of Zhixing: “Specifically, there is a clock in each sensor, and the time of each sensor needs to be initially aligned. In addition, the timing system inside the sensor will have a certain error with use. If the time deviates, it will lead to the deviation of the position of the obstacles sensed and detected, the path in the decision-making plan is inconsistent with the reality, and it may hit the obstacles. Beidou system has a high-precision atomic clock, and its time system is very stable , it is most appropriate for it to send time correction benchmarks to various sensors on the vehicle. ”

In addition to passenger cars, the application of Beidou System in special vehicles is also becoming more and more popular.

“At present, we have applied the Beidou System on a large scale to limited / closed scenes such as parks and mines, as well as logistics trucks and mining cards. In the future, with the continuous iteration and development of technology, automatic driving will enter the homes of ordinary people and play a greater role in reducing costs and increasing efficiency of society and industry,” said Li Dalin, director of hidi Zhijia automatic driving products department

According to the data of the national development and Reform Commission, by the end of 2021, more than 7.9 million road operating vehicles in China had installed and used Beidou system. The Beidou in the sky and the 5g network on the ground have become the “hotbed” carrying the Internet of vehicles.

“At present, China’s Internet of vehicles belongs to the stage of intelligent Internet connected vehicles, and the combination with 5g is the only way in the future.” An Xudong said that high-precision positioning is indispensable for vehicle terminals to achieve accurate position perception. At present, under viaducts, tunnels, shade shelters and urban canyons where satellite signals cannot be received or are unstable, it is easy to lead to inaccurate positioning. By building a “Beidou + 5g” high-precision positioning network, centimeter level positioning services can be provided, so as to further build and enrich 5g ecological applications.

In the opinions issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, it is proposed to explore the one click emergency rescue mode of vehicle Beidou Positioning + short message + 4G / 5G. In this regard, Han Yi believes that this model is not only in line with the development trend of industrial integration, but also in line with the development of technology, which is to be applied to practice so as to improve the quality of life.

“Beidou Positioning improves the positioning accuracy, and the short message function does not rely on the communication network. In the field and other special places with communication difficulties, it can also ensure the sending and receiving of information. 4G / 5G has fast transmission speed and can ensure good timeliness. Therefore, vehicle Beidou Positioning + short message + 4G / 5G can realize real-time and accurate vehicle positioning. As long as it is used properly, it can be used in emergency rescue, and search can be carried out accurately and efficiently, so as to reduce the cost Low loss. ” Han Yi said.

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