Beidou Turns On Global Services And It’s Not Just A Navigation System

On the afternoon of December 27, ranchengqi, director of the China satellite navigation system management office and spokesperson of the beidou satellite navigation system, announced at a press conference of the state council that the construction of the beidou 3 basic system has been completed and global services will be provided from today.


Beidou system has been regarded as China’s reform and opening up one of the important achievement of 40 years, is dense network beidou global navigation satellite system in 2018, the year of “beidou” news constantly, as the rapid development of China’s response to the global positioning system GPS, Beijing grandiosely hoping, the changing of the satellite navigation system can be widely accepted worldwide. After this conference, it also marks that the service scope of beidou system has been expanded from region to the whole world, and beidou system has officially entered the global era.

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