Beidou Satellite Navigation System Is Applied In The Field Of People’s Livelihood

It is reported that China’s satellite navigation and location service white paper shows that the total output value of China’s satellite navigation and location service industry reached 301.6 billion yuan last year, an increase of 18.3% over the previous year, of which Beidou contributed 80% of the core value of the industry, derived from satellite navigation. The associated output value led by the formation reached 194.7 billion yuan. Yu Xiancheng, president of China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association, said that the application of Beidou system has become the economic growth point of strategic emerging industries. The satellite navigation and location service industry is in the best development opportunity period, and Beidou is also welcoming deepening application and gold development. New Era.

At present, the Beidou system has been widely used in social life, and everyone’s life is closely related to it. In 2018, the total sales volume of domestic satellite navigation and positioning terminal products exceeded 530 million units, of which 390 million units were sold with satellite navigation and positioning functions, and 4 million units were sold in the car navigation and aftermarket. In many areas of people’s livelihood, including municipal management, transportation services, disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency rescue, security and security, the development trend of large-scale application of Beidou is obvious.

Taking Beijing as an example, the national Beidou Precision Service Network, which was built and operated by state-owned enterprises in the city, has effectively improved the safety level of the gas pipeline network in the national gas management. At present, the “gas + Beidou” model has been in the country for 27 More than 600 urban and rural applications in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, in addition to gas, also cover water supply and drainage, urban heating, rail transit, municipal engineering construction, smart parks and many other fields. In 2018, Beijing also installed the Beidou positioning terminal for 80,000 buses and 21,000 buses. Similarly, Sichuan Province has established the “Beidou Positioning + Office OA” provincial official vehicle management receipt to realize the three-level interconnection of provincial, city and county bus management “one province network”, the province more than 4 Ten thousand official vehicles are being admitted. Chongqing Municipality has promoted and installed more than 300,000 Taipei bucket navigation systems on “two passengers and one danger”, freight and public transportation vehicles, and effectively monitors and protects the urban underground pipeline network by utilizing the characteristics of Beidou intelligent application.

In terms of disaster prevention and mitigation, the Beidou Comprehensive Disaster Reduction and Relief System has been carried out in 1018 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in 2018. It has deployed 10 provincial-level Beidou Integrated Disaster Reduction Application Sub-node Platforms, equipped with 45,000 Taipei Fighting Disaster Reduction. The information-specific terminal has initially established a national disaster prevention and mitigation business system based on the Beidou disaster reduction business system. In terms of maritime search and rescue, the Ministry of Transport has promoted more than 400,000 sets of Beidou alarm equipment to sea-related users, significantly improving the search efficiency of maritime distress targets and reducing the number of casualties at sea. In 2018, public security organs at all levels in the country continued to promote the application of Beidou. More than 110,000 public security private network equipments realized time-frequency unified service and supervision. The Beidou public security application reduced the time of police clearance by nearly 20% on average, and the efficiency of emergency rescue response was improved. Times.

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