Beidou Satellite Navigation System Has Been Successfully Applied To Domestic Civilian Aircraft

Beidousatellite navigation system of China’s self-developed has been successfully tested and tested on a regional passenger jet designed and manufactured entirely in China.

According to the relevant international civil aviation standards and relevant technical standards of CAAC, this experiment successfully completed the verification of the function and performance test of the airborne beidou satellite navigation receiver.The flight to realize the combination of the four “localization”, the domestic satellite navigation system, domestic satellite navigation foundation to enhance the system, domestic airborne navigation system of domestic civil aircraft platforms, for subsequent beidou satellite navigation system of the international civil aviation standardization and application promotion, test certification to obtain a large amount of experimental data.

This is the first time the beidou satellite navigation system to achieve the test application in the field of civil aviation, as well as domestic civil aircraft for the first time to use domestic navigation system, the integration development of two major projects is of great significance.

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