Beidou Satellite Is Recognized By The United Nations

Recently, the forty-fifth Beidou satellite was successfully launched. The 44th satellite was just launched some time ago. Although we still don’t know whether these two satellites are Beidou-3 satellites, as of November last year, Beidousan The number already has 19 satellites.

Last year, the state announced that the Beidou satellite system has been basically completed and provides services to the world. This is the result of the unremitting efforts of all aerospace science and technology personnel. We must know that this goal is completed two years ahead of schedule.

We all know that there are four satellite navigation systems in the world, but only three are recognized by the United Nations. Our national multi-Dipper satellite system is one of them, the other two are the US GPS and the Russian satellite system. This shows that our country’s satellite navigation technology has been at the forefront of the world and is convinced by the world. Beidou Satellite is completely self-developed by China and belongs to China’s 100% localized technology. Although our country’s Beidou satellite is not as powerful as the US GPS system, our Beidou also uses a lot of technology that is not available in the US, and belongs to our own unique skills.

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