Beidou’s Original Layout Covers The Whole World

CCTV reported in the report that the positioning of the satellite navigation system and the precise timing function are related to the lifeline of a country’s transportation, finance and other industries. The Beidou No. 3 has become the “king” of today with a “trick”. First of all, in the constellation layout, the Beidou navigation system is different from other navigation systems. The three different orbital hybrid constellation layouts created by Beidou can cover the whole world and provide higher-precision positioning services.

In addition, satellite navigation systems must rely not only on satellites in vast space, but also on ground stations. Another “trick” of China’s Beidou system is that it does not need a global station. This is because the Beidou system uses a technology that is not available in other navigation satellites – the inter-satellite link. More importantly, the inter-satellite link allows the satellites to be calibrated to each other and automatically maintain the formation.

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