Beidou Navigation Will Provide Global Services

Recent successful Chinese beidou satellite navigation system has the ability of global services, which can provide global users with all-weather, high precision navigation timing services, as China’s third largest global satellite navigation system of the construction of the (GPS/glonass), strategic position is very critical, because the plane/ship depend on the satellite navigation, in the 1990 s, when the war games with China launch anti-ship missile is missing, the reason is the closed the area of GPS signals, the big dipper will play a key role?Can it replace the dominant position of GPS?


The positioning precision of beidou satellite navigation system for 10 meters, velocity accuracy of 0.2 m/SEC, by the end of 2018, the beidou satellite launched a total of 43 navigation satellite system (including backup and testing satellite), mission satellite including 5 geostationary orbit satellites and 30 non stationary orbit satellite, the earth any place can be observed in more than four beidou satellite, can say the presence of the big dipper, greatly reduce the situation of China’s reliance on GPS, the national defense security, create future earnings will not be less than 400 billion yuan.

China code signal receive GPS information belongs to the people, the data is very rough, although can meet the needs of the civilian, but is very unsafe for defense, because the precision of GPS signals and military people code there is a big gap, especially easy to intercept block, the other as long as the use of GPS navigation, the United States can monitor all the way, there is no secret, so China’s use of the weapon of satellite navigation, GPS signal transmitters are separate configuration, in order to remove at any time, but there are still a lot of beidou need to improve.

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