Beidou Navigation System

The beidou satellite navigation system is a lobal satellite positioning and communication system developed by China. It is the third mature satellite navigation system after GPS in the United States and glonus of Russia.The beidou system has been conducting Passive location, navigation and timing services to the asia-pacific region on December 27, 2012. But on November 5th, China’s xichang satellite launch center used a CZ-3B carrier rocket. Success in “kill two birds with one stone” way put 24 and 25 beidou satellite into orbit. It marks a new era in the global networking of the beidou satellite navigation system.

The beidou satellite navigation system plays an important role in the construction of a modern information-based army. The system in the main battle tanks, armored reconnaissance vehicles, surface ships and military aircraft by positioning directional finder output real-time position information in a standard format. Including Jingwei high value and time information, etc. Bc can according to the instructions of vehicle route planning and navigation, and choose the best route, increase the force of motor speed. In addition, the positioning information of various vehicles can also be uploaded to the command system, which can form a combat posture chart at the command end to provide the necessary information basis for the battlefield command and decision-making.

However, China is a mountainous country, and the terrain in many areas is mainly hilly, causing the problems of locating difficulties and even unable to locate when the troops are fighting in these areas. Units like main station tanks, armored reconnaissance vehicles, and helicopters will be equipped with an inertial navigation system for autonomous vehicle positioning and positioning (including altitude, moving direction, etc.).The inertial navigation system needs to bind the coordinates of the vehicle at startup, and there is a fixed drift in the moving of the vehicle. If it is long and long, there will be a large error and the positioning accuracy will be affected.In order to solve this problem, we must to satellite navigation and inertial navigation system integration, located in inertial navigation satellite receiving real-time transmission of data to modify inertial navigation, in order to improve the reliability of the information.

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