Beidou Is About To Complete A Comprehensive Network

So far, the entire system network of Beidou has basically taken shape. It is expected that in 2020, the comprehensive network will be completed, and the all-weather high-precision navigation and positioning service will be opened for global users. Since Beidou is developed by China itself, there are many functions that are unique. In the role played by Beidou, the biggest role of the traditional navigation positioning is that it can “rescue” people who are in danger! For example, if you go sailing in distress, other navigation systems can only let you know where you are, and Beidou can not only let you know where you are, but also let others know where you are and thus rescue you. Therefore, almost all of the fishing boats in China’s sea areas are equipped with the Beidou system, and the safety of fishermen has been greatly improved.

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