Beidou Comprehensive Demonstration Training System Was Completed And Put Into Use

The Beidou Comprehensive Demonstration Training System has been put into use simultaneously at the Beijing Satellite Navigation Center recently.

This center is the construction management and application support unit of the Beidou ground transportation control system. In order to further improve the relevant theoretical knowledge and ability training of the Beidou satellite navigation system, the center has designed and built the Beidou comprehensive demonstration training system with the theme of “China Beidou, Smart Time and Space”. The system is divided into 7 space sections: “Star Source”, “Star Strategy”, “Star Sundial”, “Star Rudder”, “Star Heart”, “Star Prosperity”, and “Star Dream”, highlighting independent controllability, intelligent innovation and global service, and comprehensive utilization of electricity Multimedia methods such as glass projection, ink projection, large scene application sand table, holographic imaging, etc., are simulation training and application demonstration platforms integrating science education, professional training and daily training, providing strong support for improving the central system operation management and application guarantee capabilities .

The head of the center Liu Yong said: “After the Beidou global system is opened, we must promote the Beidou application, ensure the stable operation of the system, and resolutely fulfill the promise of precise and stable operation and serving the world.”


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