Avan Motor Presents High-performance E-scooter

New Delhi: Home-grown electric scooter maker has launched its new range of futuristic e-sccoters at recenlty held Electric Vehicle Expo held in Pragati Maidan.

These scooters are easy to ride and come with additional features such as aero dynamic design, large battery, and higher speed, the company said in a release.

With a top speed of 45 kmph, these scooters are equipped with 60V26Ah & 72V/32Ah lithium batteries for very high performance and speed.

The company showcased six 6 such product has been showcased at the expo which will be rolled out commercially soon.

Currently, Avan has 2 electric scooters in the market named as Xero and Xero plus. The company is planning to launch five new models soon.

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