Arms Dealers In This Paper, The Laser Weapon Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Arms dealers have always been a bouquet of flowers with a gun hand gesture, you always doubting their purpose is to protect themselves or attack others. More and more UAV be turned into a weapon of war, lockheed Martin’s engineers seem to smell the smoke scents of business opportunities, they developed a special military laser weapons to attack UAV.

Unmanned aircraft is said to be started five years ago, they began the research and development of laser weapon. Now MEHEL 2.0 in thin body also be raised from 2000 watts to 5000 watts of power, and there is no limit to the ammunition, just need the gun with a diesel generator, and a single emission provided by the need to consume a litre of diesel power.

Lockheed Martin engineers carry the laser cannons of carrying on the history of trek, armoured vehicles (Stryker FSV), and tested in Mexico. By carrying a large number of sensors, laser cannons in minutes was locked up in the sky a DJI four unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and single fusing, no one wing arm smoothly to destroy it.

Compared to DroneGun, SkyWall100 etc. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) device, MEHEL 2.0 obviously rough, though as a war now in the arms dealers, the purpose of their nature is not just a drone d a steady, lockheed Martin hope can be done by this weapon to the rockets, mortars, and even cruise missiles to intercept, and on the battlefield. For now, of course, if want to achieve is difficult, the locking time is too long, after all, but also can only through the plastic damage, but who can sure they release is the strongest technical performance?

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