Application Of Inertial Navigation Technology In Beidou And GPS Positioning Terminal

When it comes to positioning, people first think of GPS positioning and China’s beidou satellite positioning system. However, satellite positioning can only be used in the outdoor environment. Once in the tunnel, urban high-rise environment, and indoor environment, because the navigation signal attenuation is too fast, satellite positioning cannot be used.
When we navigate in gaode and baidu map, when the satellite signal is blocked after the tunnel or under the overhead, there will be no positioning and trajectory information, and the positioning will not be displayed again until we leave this area.


Inertial navigation is commonly military, almost all of the inertial navigation equipment installed on the missile, because when missiles in the final target need to cut off the signal by the other party in case monitoring to missile, if there is one signal each other to send an instruction to strike, so no signal in the final, inertial navigation can be completely independent positioning, until the final blow to the other party. The inertial navigation device is the most high-end and quite expensive.

Learned that the inertial navigation can be in the absence of any signal independent positioning, if this way of positioning used on the big dipper, GPS positioning terminal equipment make inertial navigation ground, on the way of civil for public service, make positioning terminal can not only in the broad environment, can also be in to the indoor environment has irreplaceable advantages.

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