Application Of Inertial Measurement System In Ocean Exploration

Marine development, as an important part of the new technological revolution, has attracted the attention of all countries. At present, energy centered marine development and other activities, the need for ocean measurement is becoming more and more urgent, and the requirement of precision is becoming higher and higher. But along the coast of the world, there are so far some vast waters that have not been measured by 1/3. Some areas even once measured, but using the methods and means of the old and over a long period of time, measurement data has not apply.

Inertial navigation system

The history of offshore measurement and exploration is mainly based on radio navigation equipment. Recently, the acoustic technology of Doppler sonar and acoustic system mounted on the seabed has been applied. In the absence of radio navigation devices, we also use the combination of navigation satellite correction, but the application of these methods is often limited by sensor characteristics. Therefore, the measurement technology of high precision inertial navigation system has been gradually applied in the marine environment, the inertial measurement system installed in the plane or surface and underwater ships, for coastal mapping, deep-sea photography, deep-sea mining or ocean exploration, and other measurement problems and motion compensation related aspects, including drilling derrick positioning (especially anchor drilling ship), pipeline laying and positioning buoy. The advantages of high precision and non inertial measurement system in navigation equipment based on, can make the application department mainly from the ground to the deep sea environment to improve productivity.

China has invested heavily in marine exploration this year. It attaches importance to the development, research and application of inertial measurement technology, especially in marine development. With the combination of inertial positioning technology and satellite positioning technology, we believe that there will be more accurate data and low cost.

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