Anti-UAV Technology To Prevent Unmanned Black Flying

Ince the unmanned aerial vehicle became the “toy” of many people’s homes, the unhealthy impact caused by the UAV’s “Black Fly” has become increasingly serious. UAVs have been stormed into the sensitive areas of airports, prisons and the government many times at home and abroad As well as crowd crowded, disrupt flight flights at the airport, causing huge losses to the airport and tens of thousands of passengers, threatening the country’s privacy and personal safety. UAV control is imminent.

In recent years, after the continuous efforts of many UAV enterprises, more and more UAVs with powerful functions have emerged. Consumer UAVs have been continuously reduced in price and the operation has become more and more user-friendly. In addition, From the cutting-edge military equipment into the mass market, a large number of aerial players toys, personal UAV owners increasingly, however, UAV and laws and regulations can not keep pace with the development of UAVs, government regulation efforts Not enough, many unmanned aerial vehicles | “black fly” incidents, such as drone peeping privacy violations, flights in the national military bases and other sensitive areas endangering national security, and even UAV improper operation lead to security incidents and other incidents frequently Appeared, UAV market is very confusing. Faced with the potential safety hazard caused by the rapid development of UAVs, the anti-UAV industry is gradually emerging. The use of anti-UAVs to counter them is an effective solution to the current UAV’s “black-fly.”

Anti-UAV enterprises use advanced technology to produce research and development of unmanned aerial vehicle control equipment, the current Anti-UAV technology is divided into three categories, one is the interference blocking class, mainly through the signal interference and acoustic interference technology to achieve no Man-machine control; the second is the direct destruction of the class, mainly through the use of laser weapons, UAV countermeasures UAV; Third, monitoring and control class, mainly through the hijack radio control and other ways to achieve UAV control. Currently directly destroy the class is mainly used in the military field, the most used control of the UAV is the radio communication technology, by firing high-power interference signal UAV suppression, forcing the UAV landing, the domestic research and development of portable UAV Electron gun is a leading device in signal interference technology that effectively controls UAV flight.

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