Anti-UAV Products Debut Shanghai Anbo

Thought that the security business is the production of a variety of cameras; who knows, UAV monitoring of the rain, the security companies to push a new outlet. The 17th Shanghai International Public Security Products Fair (referred to as “Shanghai Anbo”) opened, the exhibition lasted three days, unmanned aerial device jammer into the show – a huge firearms form jammers, with a thick Sci-fi wind, known to interfere with UAV control links and navigation links, to drive away from the UAV or forced the purpose of landing, to ensure low-altitude airspace security.

This year, in a series of unmanned aerial vehicles suspected of “black fly” incident in the public opinion to attract public attention, the heavy news: Civil Aviation Authority Airworthiness Airworthiness Certification Division officially released “civil unmanned aircraft real name system registration management regulations”, the official Announced on-line test running civilian unmanned aerial vehicle registration system. It is for civil unmanned aerial vehicles with a maximum takeoff weight of 250 grams or more (including 250 grams) in China. It is required that the purchaser of the purchased civilian unmanned aerial vehicle must, in accordance with the requirements of this management regulations, Register.

UAV’s regulatory situation for the anti-man-machine products to build the stage. Previously, the production of anti-man-machine products, many foreign manufacturers. Since last year, some domestic manufacturers began to get involved in this road.

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