Another Beidou Emergency Lifted Off! The Total Number Has Reached 44

According to media reports, another Beidou satellite was launched in China. After the satellite was launched, the total number of China’s Beidou satellites reached 44, and the completion of the entire Beidou satellite navigation system is no doubt a step closer. Covering the world is only one step away. Experts say that if the Beidou satellite completes the global network, then the military-civilian Beidou system will break the Western monopoly on satellite navigation.

At present, satellite navigation systems have an irreplaceable role in the military and civilian fields. Regarding the latter, we should have already experienced it in our daily lives: whether driving or walking, assisted by satellite navigation systems. We can say that we are basically getting rid of the dilemma of getting lost. If we are able to keep in line with the positioning system, we can easily find out where we should go.

In the military, the value of satellite navigation systems is even higher: as early as in ancient times, a map that was informative was the treasure that the generals dreamed of. In modern warfare, the details are detailed and the map information can be updated in real time. It is self-evident. This kind of positioning ability can not only be used to dispatch troops, but also can be used as a weapon to attack the enemy. In the modern war of “discovering and destroying”, the means of directly attacking various important targets of the enemy by means of high-precision navigation system is also early. It is no longer news.

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