Amphibious Aircraft AG600 Made Its First Flight At Sea

“Kunlong” is the first large-scale amphibious aircraft independently developed by my country and the largest amphibious aircraft under development in the world. The State-owned Aviation Industry Special Aircraft Research Institute, located in Jingmen, Hubei, serves as the chief designer of the AG600 aircraft. Its water test site is located in Jingmen, and the aircraft development team is based in Zhuhai.

As one of my country’s “big aircraft family”, the large amphibious aircraft AG600 is the first large-scale special purpose civil aircraft developed to meet the urgent needs of forest fire fighting and water rescue. It is a major aviation equipment urgently needed for the construction of the national emergency rescue system.

The AG600 aircraft is developed in accordance with the design concept of “Amphibious Amphibious, One Aircraft and Multiple Types”. Its biggest feature is that it can take off and land on land as well as on water. AG600 can repeatedly throw water back and forth between the water source and the fire site to extinguish the fire. It can not only draw water from the water surface, but also inject water at the land airport. It can carry up to 12 tons of water, and the single water throwing area can reach more than 4000 square meters. With a high wave-resistant hull design, in addition to low-altitude search on the water surface, it can also be anchored on the water surface to perform rescue operations. The water emergency rescue can rescue 50 people in distress at a time.


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