All 4 Yuanwang Survey Ships Triumph!

On the afternoon of January 20, the two survey ships “Yuanwang 3” and “Yuanwang 7” affiliated to the China Satellite Maritime Survey and Control Department successfully completed three maritime missions, including the Long March No. 5 rocket and the 3rd communication technology test satellite No. 5 After the measurement and control task, the dock was smoothly docked. At this point, all four survey vessels in service, including Yuanwang 5 and Yuanwang 6, have triumphed, and the Yuanwang survey fleet’s test mission in 2019 has achieved full house popularity.


In November last year, Yuanwang No.5, No.7, and No.3 sailed one after another, deployed the Pacific Ocean scheduled sea area, and jointly executed the Long March No. 5 remote three rocket launching sea measurement and control mission. Facing the severe challenges brought by the long duration of the voyage, the complicated sea environment, and the technical difficulties, the survey fleet was scientifically coordinated and well-planned, and various emergency response teams were established to develop a comprehensive plan. During the mission, the three ships relayed the measurement and control, with stable capture and tracking, complete data recording, and correct information processing and exchange. Together, they completed the maritime measurement and control mission of the rocket launch section.


Subsequently, Yuanwang No. 5 returned to the ship as planned, Yuanwang No. 3 rushed to the next mission area, and Yuanwang No. 7 continued to carry out the maritime measurement and control mission of the 20th satellite transfer orbit segment. The Yuanwang No. 7 ship has tracked for more than 15 hours after 5 days, acquired more than 100,000 frames of satellite data, received and forwarded data into nearly 100, and successfully completed the 1, 2, 5 orbital transitions of the satellite transfer orbit. The satellite measurement and control mission provides critical measurement and control support for the satellites to smoothly enter the predetermined orbit.


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