After Liaoning’s Ship Exits The Miyako Strait, It Suddenly Goes South At Full Speed.

Recently, our Liaoning number rushed to Guam for military exercises, making this aircraft carrier once again the focus of attention. The most concerned about all parties is how the aircraft carrier is deployed during combat. In fact, many people saw the news that our Liaoning ship went to the South China Sea in 2017, and after the Miyako Strait, it quickly went south at a speed of nearly 30 knots. Many people will have questions at the time. What happened to our southern waters? Let the aircraft carrier rush to desperate. In fact, the training of the aircraft carrier was to test the specific time for our aircraft carrier to deploy to the southern seas in an emergency.

Although our aircraft carrier Liaoning is transformed from the Varyag, its various facilities are the best in naval equipment. The Liaoning is equipped with not only the 346 phased array radar, but also a variety of defensive weapons. The installation of these weapons can help the aircraft carrier defend against attacks from underwater and air. In terms of carrier aircraft, the Liaoning is equipped with the J-15 fighter. This fighter is specially developed for us to meet the needs of the aircraft carrier. Under normal circumstances, the Liaoning can carry 26 fighters or 24 helicopters. Because the skid-type take-off is adopted, the take-off speed of the Liaoning aircraft will be limited, but as the first aircraft carrier, the take-off method of the carrier is relatively safe.

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