Advanced Electric Depth Integration Three In Oneelectric Drive System Officially Unveiled

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the large-scale launch of the industrialization of electric vehicles in China, as well as the 5th anniversary of the China electric vehicle hundred people's association, the top think tank of new energy vehicles in China.On January 11th, solstice 13th, during the fifth BBS held by the hundred people meeting, the electric "jje-edm3000f series pure electric drive assembly" was officially unveiled.

At the event, yu ping, the founder, chairman, CEO, chief engineer and dong Yang, executive vice President of China association of automobile manufacturers, unveiled the new product "3000 series deep integration three-in-one pure electric drive system".The product is characterized by light, fast, good, and economical, which attracts the attendee's eyeball and gets the unanimous praise of the experts and scholars attending the meeting.

BBS focuses on the new development trend of the automotive industry, and discusses the future development of new energy vehicles with the world's top electric vehicle enterprises.As the world's leading enterprise in the field of electric motor and power assembly of new energy vehicles, jingjin electric vehicle is also constantly improving in the wave of reform, making the best electric drive system for new energy vehicles with advanced technology.

At present, new energy vehicle technology advances by leaps and bounds, and electric drive system also develops from "separation" to "integration".The integrated design of motor and reducer has been carried out since 2015, and the batch application of "two-in-one assembly" has been realized in 2017.On this basis, the company will continue to strengthen research and development, and officially launch the "3000 series deep integration three-in-one pure electric drive system" suitable for new energy passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles during BBS of China automobile committee of 100 in 2019.

Learned, diligence electric lighter, faster, better and four efforts focus on OD220 platform based on the mature machine, high-speed two-stage reducer, high power density motor controller is designed, the three big deep integration, developed a lighter, more efficient and lower cost "3000 series deep integration triad pure electric drive system".It is the latest flagship product developed, designed and manufactured independently by jingjin electric, and the first "deeply integrated" three-in-one pure electric drive system in the international industry.

Compared with the "assembled" integration method, the advanced electric motor shaft and reducer input shaft are combined into one, the motor end cover and reducer box are combined into one, the deep integration shortens the axial size of the assembly, reduces the weight, improves the transmission efficiency, and in particular increases the core structure design with advanced electric patent.

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