In a nutshell, an accelerometer is measuring the change of speed or acceleration caused by gravity with time or movement of the force of the electromechanical device. And vibration sensing direction, or to detect its movement speed connected to an object, select the accelerometer involves various consideration.

There are countless applications of accelerometer. When in the air and space with highly sensitive accelerometer is used as a component of inertial navigation system. In the industrial environment, they often detection and monitoring vibration mechanical rotation.

So, how do you know which to choose acceleration?There are many questions to answer, start your design requirements:
Analog or digital, do you need?
Single or multiple axis, do you need?
what level of roll?
Highly sensitive or middle-grade, do you need?
what bandwidth?
you check impedance and buffer?

Choose between analog and digital is determined by the hardware used. Simulation of the accelerometer has an output the continuous voltage is proportional to acceleration. Digital accelerometers usually using pulse width modulation, in order to have a square wave at a certain frequency.In this case, the high voltage is proportional to the amount of acceleration time cycle.

The question becomes, do you have in your design? From parallax or digital input to digital output acceleration basic stamp microcontroller module; When using entirely based on analog circuit, simulation is often the best choice.

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