Classification Of Anti Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Equipment

Recently unmanned aerial vehicle management has become a hot topic, unmanned aerial vehicle has brought some security risks as well as benefits to mankind. So anti drone equipmentat the 2017 unmanned aircraft systems and mission equipment exhibition has become a hot spot.

There is infrared unmanned aerial vehicle detection system, the detection distance of the consumer class unmanned aerial vehicle is 2 kilometers.

There is Phased array radar of special monitoring unmanned aerial vehicle, according to the staff, for elves such “low, small, slow” UAVs, maximum detection distance is also 2 kilometers.

Some companies have brought in deceptiveanti unmanned aerial vehicle systems that can trick unmanned aerial vehicles into incorrect GPS positioning signals.

Some institute have brought in laser weapons that can directly use laser gun destroy unmanned aerial vehicle.

Unmanned aerial vehicle and its supporting mission equipment have become more and more professional,more and more powerful, they are used in military affairs, but also serve the people’s livelihood.but how to deal with the fling unmanned aerial vehicle has become a topic of concern to everyone.

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