A Rocket Carrying A Double Star Launched From Jiuquan

According to reports, the launch of the fast boat No. 1 Jiayao 10 carrier rocket, equipped with the Chinese Academy of Sciences microgravity experimental satellite, and Tianyi researcher Xiaoxiang No. 1 07 star, completed a double-shot launch mission. Moreover, this is only a beginning, because the number of rockets that the fast boat rocket has been scheduled to launch this year has reached eight, the frequency is so high, second only to China’s main space, the Long March series rocket.

Unlike the Long March series of rockets, the Clipper series launch vehicle was born at the beginning of the game in order to meet the need for rapid launch of satellites in response to emergency disasters. The Clipper Rocket has been established in 2005. After more than 10 years of development, it finally appeared in the most perfect posture in front of the world.

According to the data, the Clipper No. 1 rocket can launch a low-orbit satellite with a maximum size of 300 kilograms. In addition, its launch cycle is relatively short. In addition to emergency rescue, it can also play a vital role in the future operations of the military.

We know that modern military operations rely heavily on satellites. It can even be said that the number of satellites can determine the success or failure of a modern war. In the Gulf War of that year, the Iraqi army, which claimed to have a million male divisions, was largely defeated by insufficient satellites and advanced intelligence systems. This led to the situation in which the war situation completely fell to the multinational coalition forces.

In addition, the current military satellites in various countries are also facing increasing threats. How to quickly supplement damaged satellites during wartime has become one of the major issues that major military powers need to consider, and the emergence of the fast-boat rocket is very Solved this problem well.

According to the data, the launch vehicle series launch vehicle is quite flexible. Compared with other launch vehicles, it can be loaded onto a special carrier. It can be used for road maneuvers like some ballistic missiles. The launch site requirements are relatively simple. Really achieved rapid launch and rapid entry.

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