A Naval Frigate Detachment Of Yellowstone Launches Practical Training

When the training is heard, the expedition will begin. From January 2nd to 5th, the Yellowstone, a frigate detachment of the northern theater navy, quickly maneuvered and concealed sailing to a certain sea area in accordance with the full elements and all elements, and carried out a 3-day cross-day, night and high-intensity practical training to solve the most difficult problems, fight Strengthen the training foundation, strengthen the emergency handling capabilities of commanders at all levels, and further test the combat effectiveness of multi-type equipment in complex environments.

The mission is connected with reality, and the training is docked with the battlefield. In this training, they did not set scripts throughout the process, set up dangerous situations on the spot, and highlighted the overall requirements of specialization and refinement. Starting from the principles of actual combat, installation, and practicality, they emphasized the overall requirements of confrontation, inspection, evaluation, and rectification. Severely beat the troops, successfully complete training courses in sea operations, comprehensive defense, and live-fire shooting under complex sea conditions, and improve the army’s full-time and global combat capabilities.


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