20 Drivers Who Blindly Followed The GPS And Paid For It

Technology has come a long way since some smart people introduced the internet to our lives in the 90s. Not only has the internet allowed us to send letters that reach across the world in a few seconds, but it has also improved the quality of the cars we drive. The technological features in the top car models are outstanding. The reverse camera assist, the Apple CarPlay and satellite navigation are some of the features in a car that have enabled us to have a pleasant journey.

Although technology plays an integral role inour lives, it doesn’t always produce the results we intended. When technology doesn’t perform according to the programming, our lives become more inconvenient and can result in us incurring costs. Nobody knows that better than drivers who have used a GPS navigation system and ended up at an undesirable location.

A GPS navigates the driver to the desired destination but doesn’t take traffic, road obstacles and the driver’s vehicle into account. After all, technology can perform only so much until the onus is on the driver to ensure that he or she safely reaches the destination. Sometimes, the GPS can lead you down the wrong path, resulting in a mess. We gleaned photos of drivers who encountered major inconveniences by following the directions of the GPS.

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