10909 Meters! China’s ‘Struggle’ Sits At The Bottom Of The Mariana Trench

At 8:12 Beijing time today (November 10), the Chinese Manned Submersible “Struggle” successfully sat on the bottom of the Mariana Trench with a depth of 10,909 meters, setting a new record for my country’s manned deep diving.

The Struggle is a 10,000-meter manned submersible developed by China. It was established in 2016 and is undertaken by a scientific research team based on the research and development capabilities of the Jiaolong and the Deep Sea Warrior manned submersible. On June 19, 2020, China’s 10,000-meter manned submersible was officially named “Struggle”.

Why has my country continuously invested in research and development of deep-sea submersibles in recent years? Wang Pinxian, a marine geologist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, answered three times in the South China Sea at the age of 82: “Because the deep sea is the least understood area on the earth, and the deep sea underground is an unknown world.”


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