105 C919 Passenger Aircraft Completed The First Long-distance Transfer Flight In The Air

It took 1 hour and 36 minutes for 105 domestic C919 large passenger planes taking off from Shanghai Pudong Airport to land at Nanchang Yaohu Airport at 12.41 noon on the same day.

The C919 large passenger aircraft is one of the major special models of China’s large aircraft. It is a 150-seat single-aisle trunk aircraft independently developed by China in accordance with internationally applicable airworthiness standards.

The C919 large passenger aircraft of 105 transferred at Nanchang Yaohu Airport this time is mainly responsible for test flight tasks such as brake adjustment, drainage, power supply, fire prevention and environmental control, as well as special test flights such as high temperature, high humidity and high cold.

The planned area of Nanchang Aviation City, where Yaohu Airport is located, covers an area of 50 square kilometers. It is an important link between the aviation industry and the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government to deepen cooperation with COMAC’s large passenger aircraft projects.


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