Beidou Satellite Navigation System

The Beidou has become a national business card representing China. As the world’s third satellite navigation system to provide operational services, Beidou II system to provide free services to the Asia-Pacific region, positioning accuracy is better than 10 meters, speed accuracy is better than 0.2 m/s, timing accuracy is better than 50 nanoseconds. Its positioning accuracy and other technical parameters and GPS civilian signal quite, can serve more than 50 countries, more than 30 billion people.

According to Beidou II satellite engineering application system chief designer introduction, the Beidou system is the United Nations confirmed one of the four core suppliers. Compass has entered the international maritime, international civil aviation and international mobile communication organization standard system, the international mainstream mobile phone chip has supported the Beidou function, “steadily push the Beidou system to go out” has also been included in the national “area along the way” construction plan.

Satellite navigation and Internet, mobile communications and called the information field three pillar industries. At present, China has formed a relatively complete Beidou industrial chain composed of chip module, application terminal and operation service, and forms the three systems of Beidou industry guarantee, application promotion and innovation. Beidou system has been in the relationship between the people’s livelihood, national security, a number of key areas and industries have been large-scale application, and from the industry to expand the application of public applications, into the tens of thousands of households. Beidou system is also with large data, cloud computing, mobile Internet as the representative of the integration of information technology development, to promote the “Compass +” innovative applications.

As China’s strategic emerging industries, the Beidou has become a boost engine to boost China’s economic development. Looking forward to the future of the Beidou plan, it is planning to implement the Beidou III satellite navigation system construction, plans to complete around 2018 about 18 global network satellite launch, the first to ‘all the way’ along the country to provide basic services; around 2020 to form a global service Ability to build a world-class global navigation satellite system.

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