Zero Offset and Zero Drift

Zero offset is the output of the gyroscope when the input angular velocity is zero (ie, the gyro is stationary).Equivalent input angular velocity table corresponding to the average value of the output measured within the specified timeIt is ideally the component of the angular velocity of the Earth’s rotation.
Zero drift is zero-bias stability, indicating that when the input angular rate is zero, the gyroscopeThe amount of output around the deviation of the mean value of the zero offset, the output of the specified amount of timeThe equivalent input angular rate corresponding to the quasi-bias. Zero drift is a measure of the accuracy of IFOGThe most important and basic indicator. The main factor that produces zero drift is the distribution along the fiber.The non-reciprocal phase shift error introduced by the ambient temperature variation in the fiber coil. UsuallyFor stable zero drift, it is often necessary to control the temperature or temperature of the IFOG. Another partialThe vibration will also have a certain effect on the zero drift. Polarization filtering is often used in IFOG.The polarization-maintaining fiber method eliminates the effect of polarization on zero drift.

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