Working principle of the inclinometer

Dip tube are normally installed in through the unstable soil layer to lower stability within the vertical drilling formation.Using digital inclinometer probe vertical activities, control cable, pulley and reading meter to measure deformation of the dip tube.The inclination of the probe by the two force equilibrium servo accelerometer to measure income.An accelerometer to measure vertical dip tube groove position, namely the inclinometer probe measuring wheel is located on the inclination of the plane.Another accelerometer to measure the inclination of the wheel plane perpendicular to the test. Lateral displacement of the slope can be converted into.Compared to the current and original observation data, to identify the variation of lateral migration, show the formation of movement displacement. Draw the offset variation can get a high resolution displacement profile.This profile is helpful to determine the size of the displacement of ground motion, depth, direction and speed.

Through the inclinometer system is divided into the ground and underground part.With application software of the computer system and the control box and driller monitor ground part. Power supply short, short survey section and other section measuring sub underground part. Because with the increase of surveying depth environmental temperature is also more and more high, so the underground part of the electronic components are resistant to high temperature industrial or military grade components.

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