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With international standards and the Importance of UAV Defense System


The domestic company after several years of careful research and development with independent intellectual property rights of low-altitude slow small target UAV defense system AUAV, its strong targeted design and a wide range of applicability reached the leading domestic technology, and international standards Degree.

It is reported that, AUAV system also reached a multi-means comprehensive technical level, through the detection and identification, photoelectric tracking, interference and tracking traceability between the four systems of cooperation between the 500m radius of the sensitive area can be deployed to form a seamless Low airspace anti-human aircraft defense system. From the detection of counter-system, and even be able to track the source of traceability, and many foreign products compared to the performance is gone.

With excellent product performance, AUAV system integration, modular design easier to operate, but also quickly into the existing security system. In the face of various types of complex electromagnetic and geographical environment, is still able to play a stable and reliable role, its excellent performance far more than similar domestic products. Monitoring front-end equipment can also remote monitoring, to achieve unattended function, for some special scene monitoring is particularly necessary.

In practical applications, AUAV system performance is also remarkable. In the military field, the system will be able to provide protection of key military areas, to participate in military operations and combat terrorist activities and other functions, and in the civilian areas, AUAV, whether in the protection of national key areas, to prevent confidential work or to protect large-scale rally Activities in the task can be impregnable.

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