Wireless data communication technology of vehicle terminal

The wireless data communication system usually refers to the on-board computer system with wireless communication technology.With the application of computer and network technology to automobile, a new computer market called wireless data communication system is forming.

Wireless data communication system is the product of wireless communication technology, satellite navigation system, network communication technology and vehicle-mounted computer.When there is a fault in the process of driving, the remote vehicle diagnosis can be made through the wireless communication connection service center. The computer built into the engine records the status of the main parts of the car, and provides the maintenance personnel with the accurate fault location and cause at any time.

Through the terminal to receive information and view traffic maps, road information, traffic information, safety and security services and entertainment information services, in the back seat can also play video games, network applications [including finance, news, E-mail, etc.].

Through the services provided by the wireless data communication system, users can not only learn about the traffic information, the parking conditions near the parking lot, and confirm the current location, but also can connect with the home network server, and timely understand the electrical operation, security and guest visit.In other words, the vehicle-mounted computer system integrating all the above functions is called wireless data communication system.

The application of wireless data communication system can be divided into three subsystems: front seat system, back seat system and engine mechanical system.

The front seat system is mainly concerned with safety, vehicle preservation, ease of driving and comfort. In order to avoid driver distraction, the input system mainly adopts voice input or touch panel.

The output system is a medium-size panel (LCD or OLED), a voice output or a head-up display projected on the windshield.

The backseat system focuses on multimedia entertainment, including interactive games, high facsimile audio and video systems, on-demand video, digital broadcasting and digital television.

Engine mechanical system is mainly based on the vehicle computer collection of vehicle condition information for vehicle condition diagnosis, driving efficiency optimization, remote engine adjustment or parts booking.

At present, wireless data communication system is mainly used in vehicle system, which can be divided into three basic types according to the purpose of use: traffic information and navigation services, safe driving and vehicle protection and fault diagnosis of vehicle maintenance services, entertainment and communication services.In order to achieve the above functions, it is also necessary to provide the technologies of global positioning system, geographic information system (GIS) and intelligent transport systems (ITS).It is worth mentioning that the wireless data communication system has gradually evolved into a vehicle system integrating GPS tracking devices and wireless communication technologies.


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