How is the Features of Different AHRS?

At present, the well-known AHRS products on the market include the MTi series of XSENS of the Netherlands, the Ellipse/Ekinox series of SBG of France, and the STIM series of Sensonor of Norway. There are also some similar products in China, but the indicator system is not uniform, accuracy and market share are both. No obvious advantage.

The most important indicators of ARHS include attitude (rolling and pitching) accuracy, heading accuracy, heading drift, etc. After investigations of several well-known foreign AHRS manufacturers and agents, most of the pitch and roll dynamic precision standards on the market The AHRS product, which is called 0.1~0.5° and the dynamic accuracy of the course is between 0.5~2°, is basically more than 10,000 yuan. This price has great obstacles for the mass application of consumption and industry markets. . In addition, the author compares the corresponding indicators and finds that the price of each type of AHRS is confusing, and there is no obvious difference in the indicators from the indicators. Therefore, the author raised several questions: (1) What are the so-called high-end AHRS prices? (2) What is the difference or difference between domestic AHRS products compared with foreign ones? (3) Where are the difficulties in the development of AHRS products and how high is the threshold? (4) What is the level of AHRS accuracy and cost required for UAVs, unmanned vehicles, robots, AGVs, indoor positioning, and platform attitude stabilization?

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