When Using a Gyro Total Station, pls be aware of…

With the development of construction engineering and equipment, total station has now replaced theodolite and is widely used in construction engineering. In order to better grasp the knowledge of measuring and laying out, before using the total station instrument, you must be thoroughly familiar with all kinds of precautions, and be sure to check and confirm that the functions of the instrument are running normally. Here are some general considerations for total stations:

  1. Do not point the instrument directly at the sun

Pointing the instrument directly at the sun can seriously injure the eyes. The instrument can also be damaged if the instrument’s objective lens is pointed directly at the sun.

  1. Set up the instrument on the tripod

When setting up the instrument, use a wooden stand if possible. Vibration that may be caused when using a metal tripod can affect measurement accuracy.

  1. Install the base

If the base is not installed correctly, it will also affect the measurement accuracy. Please check the adjusting screw on the base frequently, and make sure that the screw connecting the sighting part of the base is locked. The center fixing screw on the base is tightened.

  1. Protect the instrument from vibration

When handling the instrument, proper protection should be used to minimize the impact of vibration on the instrument.

  1. The main points of the instrument

When lifting the instrument, be sure to hold the handle of the instrument firmly.

  1. High temperature environment

Do not leave the instrument in a high temperature environment for a long time, otherwise it will affect the performance of the instrument.

  1. Temperature sudden change

The sudden change of temperature of the instrument or prism will shorten the measuring range. For example, if the instrument is taken out of a hot car, the instrument should be placed for a period of time to adapt to the ambient temperature before starting the measurement.

  1. Battery check

Check the remaining capacity of the battery before working

  1. Take out the battery and click

It is recommended not to remove the battery while the instrument is on. Otherwise, all stored data may be lost. Therefore, please remove and install the battery after the instrument is turned off.

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